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General Contractor

General Contractor

The Company includes in this area complete responsibility for carrying out the construction and installation works, employment of subcontractors and the preparation of a set of building documentation.

The company has many years of experience in construction management of many construction sites and industrial estates.

Another scope conducted in collaboration with the project team, is to carry out construction, regulations and installation projects.

Construction Management  - Contract Engineer

Construction Management - Contract Engineer

Some of numerous services which we provide:

1. Co-ordinate the project process (detailed project),

2. Control and co-ordination of the design progress and works, in accordance with the adopted schedule (supervision over the contractor, project designers and other members of the project design team),

3. Preparation and agreement with the Investor’s schedule for the necessary actions and/or meetings with authorities and the local administration; co-ordinate the implementation of those actions,

4. valuation of progress of works with the General Contractor in accordance with the concluded executive agreement including cost planning and certification of payments for the General Contractor on the monthly basis.

5. Supervise costs on a current basis/file regular reports to the Investor,

6. Estimate additional and replacement works; hold negotiations with the General Contractor

7. Introduce a system of issuing instructions and change making during the project’s implementation, based on arrangements made with the Investor

8. Exercise investor’s supervision via certified inspectors to control the schedule, quality, and compliance of all kinds of works within relevant norms and construction law requirements,

9. Provision of technical site supervision of the building, electrical, mechanical and sanitary work.

10. Organizing and carrying out weekly co-ordination and technical meetings with the authorised Investor’s Representative participation.

11. Consultancy in area of fire protection and safety (BHP)

These are just some points of a wide range of services that we offer.
Any details you will receive by phone or visiting the office in Wroclaw.

Examples of engineering supervision carried out in recent years by business associates:

  • Demolition of reinforced concrete underground tanks and building foundations of the church dedicated to St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina on Ołtaszynska Street 114 in Wroclaw

  • Water treatment plant with a capacity of 125m ³ / h with tanks built-in reinforced concrete in Pietrzykowice.

  • Industrial Hall of social and administrative area with a structure made of reinforced concrete and steel with connections and roads in Pietrzykowice.

  • Chewing gum factory of Cadbury in Skarbimierz near Opole.

  • Workshop Hall of social facilities  constructed in reinforced concrete and steel in Wroclaw Szczecińska Street 5th

  • Construction of sewage and stormwater procesing  area     in Ligota Piekna and Wisznia Mala with  the total length of about 5.5 km

  • COnSTruction of sewage and stormwater processing plant in the town of Żerniki Wroclawskie in gemain St. Catherine (length of about 6.0 km).

  • Construction of the Old Town Promenade in Wroclaw in the path of the Four Religions Culture, square of John Paul II to Krupnicza Street.

  • Fitting for recreational purposes of land along the river Skorynia in Twardogóra.

Pictures from selected constructions:


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