The sun is the primary source of energy for our planet. Also, thanks to the sun, energy is brought by the wind or waves. Solar energy can be used, also directly through the use of special schemes to collect and accumulate it.

The TomMark Company is preparing to make investments in solar power. This is a new market activity in Poland, activities like perform procedures related to regulations in this area and its preparation to carry out with the design work and implementation of the first installation of a solar power plant in Poland with a capacity of 3.5 MW target. The second planned scope is to assembly module savers on the roofs of buildings and factory buildings.
In Poland there are good conditions for solar energy, especially after adjustment in the properties of such systems and equipments, using this energy from the nature of solar radiation.

The thermal conversion of solar energy is most likely to develop technologies based on the use of solar collectors.

According to the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, the annual solar radiation density in Poland on a horizontal plane is in the range 950 - 1250 kWh/m2, and the average sunshine is 1600 hours per year. Meteorological conditions are characterized by very uneven distribution of solar radiation on an annual basis. Approximately 80% of the total annual full sun days are six months in the spring-summer season, from early April to late September.


Examples of solar installations

The diagram below illustrates the idea of solar modules:

solar diagram en


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